The Mobile Shift: it’s here!

What are you going to do about it? Adapt: Be There, Be Useful, and Be Quick.

We actually check our phones 150 times a day. Have you started counting yet? You’re lying if you say you’re not glued to your phone. We all are – it’s a fact! So are your customers – it’s a given! So, isn’t it about time we unleash the potential of those small screens? Today’s blog post will go over this shift and shed some light as to what’s going on and how your brand can adapt asap – a quick fix for now, but we’ll be revisiting the matter very soon.

It’s crucial we identify the current context of online activity and mobile usage in order to better understand this mobile shift. In simple terms: it’s a multi-screen world (tablet, desktop, TV), with mobile currently at the fore. Our phone is our personal device; we’re naked without it – so cliché but oh so true.  68% of smartphone users check their phone within 15 minutes of getting up. Younger consumers – a mighty 87% of them – have their smartphones by their side, constantly. Smartphones also have the highest number of user interactions per day and serve as the most common starting point for activities across multiple screens. The numbers as to what activities were initiated on a smartphone speak for themselves:

  • 65% searching for info
  • 63% browsing the internet
  • 65% shopping online
  • 47% planning a trip
  • 59% managing finances
  • 66% social networking
  • 56% watching an online video

So what’s the big deal if customers just browse on mobile but convert on another device? The 1 minute and 10 seconds you have to persuade them to stick around. Google pins it perfectly: micro-moments.  It’s these important micro-moments that brands need to target to be able to engage with and subsequently convert visitors into customers. Easier said than done? We think not. Google researchers think not. Three key ideas can provide your starting point: Be There, Be Useful, Be Quick.

You have to be ready for users because nowadays they’re all about I want to know, I want to go, I want to buy, I want to do – and immediately! If you don’t want to miss such opportunities start devoting the same amount of thought to your mobile marketing strategy and be there across all stages of the consumer journey, not just when they’re finally ready to buy.  Satisfy your users’ curiosity, be there physically, have the right content when they need it, and assist their purchases.

Be useful by providing the relevant information in the right context, with the right quality, the correct timing and the appropriate relevance. All these things influence public perception of your brand. Don’t take the sell hard approach – sound more educational, easy, and personal by also customising info according to location (if you’re going to use it). Video content is great too – you let consumers learn at their own pace and you create further connection between your brand and the consumer. The point is to empower your users to purchase in whatever way suits their needs, wherever they are and across all devices.

You must be quick. We’re all making decisions faster than ever before and we’re always in a hurry to accomplish our tasks; our mobile usage has come to support and empower this behavioural trend. If you’re not providing the relevant info within consumers’ acceptable speed they will switch and you’ll lose them for good. Too long to load or too many steps are fouls you must avoid at all costs. Eliminate tedious steps by adopting one click functionality and fill in forms. Anticipate your users’ needs by placing CTAs and the big stuff first, be location aware if it’s to everyone’s advantage, and use their past behaviour to make their journey quicker. You must keep in mind that users will only wait 3 seconds before they abandon a retail or travel site for being too slow!

Even if users convert on another device, the route to conversion usually begins on mobile. We have to become more ambitious and adapt to the mobile marketing landscape. Remember, there’s no such thing as mobile customers and desktop customers – they’re just customers you have to win over before someone else does!

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Today we learned via:  The New MultiScreen World and Micro-Moments: Your Guide to Winning the Shift to Mobile, both research pieces are available on Think with Google.


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