Words cannot change reality but they can change the way humans perceive it and a single word choice can make all the difference. This perfectly encapsulates the power of content marketing strategy and verbal storytelling. In marketing, content is used to educate, entertain as well as influence behaviour to build brand awareness and loyalty – a prerequisite for any brand looking to communicate a strong and reliable presence that can reach and provoke human audiences.

In the digital age, many brands overlook the fact that they are having a conversation with human beings with emotions and experiences which must be respectfully addressed. We do exactly the opposite. Our professional writers strive to communicate a brand discourse that has the power to build rapport with an audience: unbiased and not merely focused on aggressive sales tactics. For us, compelling content has to be original, magnetic, memorable, keyword sensitive, and with a true purpose. Added to this is the fact that the message has to be adaptable and able to appear on multiple formats and devices –this we are aware of and so optimise accordingly. When content is thoughtful, it can rightfully get the attention it deserves.