Responsive Web Design is the way to go and we couldn’t agree more!

Isn’t it about time for a website revamp? Google thinks Responsive Web Design is the way to go and we couldn’t agree more! Check out what Responsive Web Design (RWD) is and why you need to get on the RWD bandwagon today!

Your site looks fantastic on desktop but have you ever checked to see what it looks like on a smartphone or tablet?

Open a site on a desktop browser and slowly make the browser thinner and wider. You should see the layout adjust itself and fit the new width of the browser, even if you make the page as thin as the resolution of a mobile phone. Alternatively, just go straight to mobile and check it out!

If half the stuff disappears (you have to zoom in and out or side scroll) and, basically, the site looks like a mess you’re in urgent need of an RWD makeover!

In web design and development, RWD is no longer a trend or a technique – it’s an ideology, the norm if I may say – and you should start adapting ASAP. Screen sizes are always changing, so it’s very important that your site can adapt to any screen size, today!


What is RWD?

Wikipedia defines RWD as: an approach to web design aimed at allowing desktop webpages to be viewed in response to the size of the screen or web browser one is viewing with.

What better way than to approach web design and ensure your website will work across all devices, never compromising the ever-so-important user experience!


Why do you need RWD? 8 key points to consider

  1. There are now approximately 5 billion mobile users worldwide, with 2 billion accessing the net on mobile, so you should definitely make the effort and get your webpage to appear perfect on mobile as well as tablet.
  2. By being available to mobile and tablet audiences you automatically increase your brand’s reach. Why miss out on such a huge audience?
  3. Approximately 80% of social media usage is usually conducted on mobile so linking your social page to your mobile friendly page will work wonders.
  4. You have a huge opportunity of increasing your sales and conversions. More and more consumers rely on mobile for search and purchases – another reason suggesting RWD is the way to go.
  5. You can consolidate your analytics and reporting because all data comes from one source.
  6. You save time and costs on mobile development and site management. Why have two versions of a site? Using RWD you optimize for all devices using one design!
  7. You increase your brand’s visibility and SEO rankings in search engines like Google which openly prefer mobile friendly sites.
  8. You provide your users with a better user experience, boosting conversion rates and reducing bounce rates.



6 quick fixes:

  • Consistent branding: make sure your users feel right at home, whether they’re visiting your site via desktop, tablet, or smart phone.
  • Easy checkout: streamline the mobile shopping experience to convert more visitors.
  • Flawless image quality: with such varied screen sizes, make sure your visuals are kick ass and worth sharing and remembering.
  • Legible font size and wrapped text: absolutely everything has to be readable, simple as that.
  • Optimize for scrolling or swiping: mobile users don’t want to drag, pinch, or zoom so always design with their mobile habits in mind.
  • Site performance and speed: make sure your page loading time is top notch ensuring you’re not wasting your users’ mobile data or pushing them away before they get a chance to engage with your content.


Key takeaway:

A website that is not responsive for multiple devices will miss out on a lot of user engagement and crucial business opportunities. MediaLink’s bespoke responsive designs deliver outstanding results for desktop, tablet, and mobile users all at once- ensuring every user experience is an excellent one!

Contact us to get a quote on your website’s RWD revamp today!

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