Moving beyond traditional marketing: redefining the full-service digital agency

I honestly feel we’re living in a time of digital agency overload, with boutique, large scale, full-service, creative, one-stop digital agencies springing up like mushrooms after the rain!

You may think I’m being a bit too harsh here, but a Google search should suffice to convince you if you disagree.

Starting in the 1990s alongside the internet boom, today, digital agencies are a somewhat modern version of the traditional advertising agency with services specially geared towards promoting a brand, product or service across online platforms, with web users as the target audience.

However, in the ever evolving marketing eco-system, agencies that want to stand the test of time have to bear one important thing in mind: the future of the digital agency is constantly changing, in accordance to clients’ needs and adapting to technological advances.

Clients don’t just go to an agency because they need a new website; they seek agency expertise because they have to solve complex problems from a customer-experience and customer-service perspective. Such problems need to be addressed on various levels of the marketing funnel and across the many touchpoints a consumer comes across during the purchasing decision journey.

Agencies are now being brought in much earlier and on a much more consistent basis to provide their perspective on how clients can handle technology challenges and make the most effective decisions in this complicated digital marketing landscape.

Nowadays, brands (our clients) are in need of specialists – professionals who know their area well and who can work with them from the conception of an idea to delivering an end product. Such services could take the form of a website, a mobile application, or even a PPC campaign, and then – most importantly – the continuous performance monitoring.

This is where the real skill and expertise comes in and this is how a great digital agency should look to define itself.

Providing full-service should encapsulate an ongoing effort to produce effective and performance-driven digital solutions and user experiences that are not simply one-off, but rather are ones that nurture loyal and long-term relationships between a brand and a client. Performance monitoring is essential to gain insightful data that can be utilised to ensure measurable results are used to an advantage.

Brands must manage marketing across devices and serve customised digital experiences and ads to specific audiences based on real-time analysis of constantly changing insights. Those quantitative and qualitative insights must then be utilised to inform marketing strategies already in place in order to perfect the brand experience and of course to assist the client in reaching KPIs and ROI targets.

Whatever form digital agencies take from now on, they must be client-centric and evolving as the needs of clients evolve.

And this is exactly how we strive to define ourselves!

The MediaLink team is always contemplating and debating about how to best help clients develop the digital interaction which best suits their brand’s mission and values.

[We] believe in the creation of powerful and meaningful interactions! This ensures that the bespoke digital solutions we propose are tailored to our clients’ brand, will generate measurable results, while at the same time reach global potential.

Our service offering is where our energy and creativity is deployed to deliver end products which accurately reflect our clients’ character, mission and vision.

Our capabilities are not determined by what we want to sell, but where we want to take brands to.

We are committed to rising above the noise, disrupting the industry and insist on a creative partnership with our clients! We focus on constantly thinking up ways that our clients can take advantage of new and evolving technologies to better reach their ideal buyers!

What marketing solution can we devise for your brand in this ever evolving digital world?

Give us a shout if you’re looking for a strategic partner that knows how to take brands to the next level!


“When you reach for the stars, you may not quite get one, but you won’t come up with a handful of mud either.” Leo Burnett


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