The solid business case for selecting bespoke software

Technological innovations and advancements are driving the world of business more than ever. Devices and the software applications they use to streamline specific processes have become the business tools of working life – whether office environments, manufacturing plants, medical and utility enterprises. With growth, companies are faced with an increased amount of information that they need to manage using processes that require sophisticated controls and standards. Subsequently, they go on the look-out to see where they can receive problem-solving assistance and how they can increase productivity… the key to which is good information technology systems. And there, companies are faced with selecting between a bespoke custom software system, or an off-the-shelf application.

Bespoke software is exclusively developed for your business. It is designed to accommodate your unique expectations and preferences. Moreover, it is customizable and it therefore becomes effective in providing the required outcomes, specific analyses, data grouping and correlation, and, relates to your unique critical functions. Off-the-shelf software may be an easy option in terms of accessibility and rapid installation, but it may be worth considering the possibility of hiring a dedicated team of experts to develop custom software, especially if by doing so it would add value and effectiveness to your operations.

There are advantages for selecting either of the routes when making a decision and choosing between custom software vs packaged solutions. Such advantages should be coupled with other determining factors and cannot be dismissed when building a business case. In some situations the answer is pretty straightforward. In others, it may be a good idea to ask for appropriate consultation that can assist your IT department make sound recommendations to the company decision-making bodies.

Reasons companies are choosing bespoke software development services

Since you have determined that you will proceed with bespoke software development, it is clear that your organization’s management has acted with critical thought processes in mind. Such a decision was definitely not rushed. The cost of not developing specialized software was taken into account.

Some of the reasons that companies select bespoke software include:

  1. Your specific business needs are not solved by the wide range of available software suites and applications in the market.
  2. Packaged software applications may be cheaper in the short term, but in the long run your custom software will be less expensive.
  3. Integrating multiple business systems into one functionality provides your company increased efficiency, allows for more time to be spent on customer relationship management and could permit multiple departmental functionality under one umbrella system.
  4. Even though off-the-shelf applications are built for specific generic needs, they can be challenging to use. They probably also have extra features that you will never use – or they may have features you require that aren’t developed and probably won’t be. Bespoke software development takes care of these issues and can target your business needs, even as they evolve. Changes can be easily made, often without any additional licensing fees.
  5. Custom software as a company asset! When you have proceeded with the development and deployment of bespoke software, your company has added competitive value to its portfolio, since you have spent considerable own resources for this process.
  6. With bespoke software you are able to infiltrate your brand identity into the daily IT system tools that your staff – and even customers – will be continuously using. Therefore, you are able to ensure that both the User Experience and User Interface (UX/UI) represent your core values.

Customer support and a trouble ticketing desk for the software you have just purchased is essential. The team behind the development of your bespoke software is easily accessible and can assist both with day-to-day issues and can update your system as your business needs evolve. With bespoke software you will get bespoke support!

One of the most important factors to keep in mind when taking the leap and deciding to appoint a company to create your customized solution is selecting a team that has expertise in translating and engineering your business processes into useable software: a committed team that fully understands your requirements, infrastructure, budget and can consult you on the appropriate design methodologies.

The dedicated team you select will be able to advise you on the flexibility of the system, ensuring that the software expands with the evolution of your business.

At MediaLink we flawlessly engineer lines of code, oversee live performance and tweak to perfect digital interactions to ensure we develop and deliver functional and dynamic software tools to empower and solidify customers’ strategic objectives.


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